What does Hinkle mean?

The name Hinkle has a long Anglo-Saxon heritage. The name comes from when a family lived at Hinckley, in Leicestershire. The place-name Hinckley is derived from the Old English personal name Hynca, and leah, an Old English word that meant forest clearing. Who owns Hinkle Construction?
Summit Materials Announces Acquisition of Hinkle Contracting Company – Blackstone.

How do you say Hinkle?

Is Hinkle German?
The Hinkle family emigrated to America from Germany, and the name is spelled various ways – Henckel, Henkel, Hinkle – but the original German spelling was Henckel.

What kind of name is Nolte?

German (also Nölte): from a short form of any of various medieval personal names derived from Germanic personal names ending with -n + wald ‘rule’, for example Arnold and Reinwald. Compare Noll 1.

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