: a disagreeable mood marked by surliness and irritability : crossness was in an ill humor and sulked. What means bad humor?
Irritability or surliness Bad-humour meaning Irritability or surliness. noun. 2. 2. A state of irritability or surliness.

What does ill temper mean?

: easily annoyed or angered : bad-tempered. : showing that you are annoyed or angry. See the full definition for ill-tempered in the English Language Learners Dictionary. ill-tempered. adjective. What is meaning of ill natured?
1 : having a bad disposition : cross, surly. 2 : malevolent, spiteful.

What does it mean to have a black eye?

black eye. A mark of shame, a humiliating setback, as in That there are enough homeless folks to need another shelter is a black eye for the administration. This metaphor alludes to having discolored flesh around the eye resulting from a blow. What does surliness mean?

Definitions of surliness. a disposition to exhibit uncontrolled anger. synonyms: biliousness, irritability, peevishness, pettishness, snappishness, temper.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What does Disreputability mean?

not reputable; having a bad reputation: a disreputable barroom. discreditable; dishonorable. shabby or shoddy; of poor quality or condition: disreputable clothes.

What is the synonym of notorious?

Some common synonyms of notorious are celebrated, distinguished, eminent, famous, illustrious, noted, and renowned. While all these words mean known far and wide, notorious frequently adds to famous an implication of questionableness or evil.

What does it mean to get testy?

1 : easily annoyed : irritable. 2 : marked by impatience or ill humor testy remarks.

What is an ill tempered woman called?

Use the noun shrew — at your own risk — to refer to a woman who is argumentative, nagging, and ill tempered. … The word later came to be used to describe a nagging, ill-tempered woman, as in William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.

What is a grumpy person?

What does Grouchiness mean?

the quality of being easily annoyed and quick to complain: Did your boyfriend get annoyed at your grouchiness? I’m generally prone to grouchiness when I’m tired or hungry. See. grouchy.

What does spitefully mean?

English Language Learners Definition of spiteful : having or showing a desire to harm, anger, or defeat someone : having or showing spite. See the full definition for spiteful in the English Language Learners Dictionary. spiteful. adjective. spite·​ful | ˈspīt-fəl “,What is the meaning of the word unbending?,1 : not bending : unyielding

inflexible an unbending will. 2 : aloof or unsocial in manner : reserved.”

What do blue eyes mean?

Blue Eyes. … Therefore, they are sometimes attributed to “eternal youth.” Blue eyes are heralded by some to be the most desirable and attractive of eye colors, and those who have them possess a calm and peaceful personality. Blue eyes are also representative of knowledge.

What red eyes means?

For example, red eyes can indicate minor irritation or a more serious condition, such as an infection. Red or bloodshot eyes occur when small blood vessels on the surface of the eye become enlarged and congested with blood. Red eyes alone are not usually a reason for concern.

What do very dark brown eyes mean?

As mentioned about people with very dark brown/black eyes, brown eyes are the result of having more melanin in your system than those with lighter eyes. This tends to be make you an agreeable, assertive, and confident person. … People with brown eyes generally have a harder time getting up in the morning.

What is the meaning of SURL?

SURL. Search for Unrecorded Liabilities (accounting)

What does Penetralium mean?

Filters. The innermost (most secret) part of a building; an inner sanctum. noun.

What is the meaning of SRLY?

A SRLY is generally defined as a tax year of a subsidiary in which the subsidiary was not a member of the consolidated group.

What does disreputable woman mean?

If you say that someone or something is disreputable, you are critical of them because they are not respectable or cannot be trusted. [disapproval]

Is it Unreputable or disreputable?

As adjectives the difference between unreputable and disreputable. is that unreputable is disreputable while disreputable is not respectable, lacking repute; discreditable.

What is disputable mean?

adjective. capable of being disputed; debatable; questionable.

What is a notorious man?

Notorious most commonly means famous or well-known for a negative reason. The word is especially used to describe people who are widely known and viewed unfavorably for their actions, such as notorious criminals. … This sense of notorious is often used interchangeably with the word infamous.

What are two synonyms notorious?

synonyms for notorious

  • blatant.
  • flagrant.
  • high-profile.
  • infamous.
  • prominent.
  • well-known.
  • dishonorable.
  • disreputable.

What did notorious originally mean?

Notorious was adopted into English in the 16th century from Medieval Latin notorius, itself from Late Latin’s noun notorium, meaning information or indictment. Notorium, in turn, derives from the Latin verb noscere, meaning to come to know. Although notorious can be a synonym of famous, meaning simply …

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