What is a hideout?

: a place of refuge, retreat, or concealment a criminal’s secret hideout. What do hideouts do?
A hideout is a secret place where someone can take refuge. Criminals or outlaws often lie low in a hideout to avoid being found by the police. A car thief might use his grandmother’s apartment as a hideout to avoid detection.

Is there a movie hideout?

Hideout is a 1949 American thriller film directed by Philip Ford and written by John K. The film stars Lloyd Bridges, Lorna Gray, Ray Collins, Sheila Ryan, Chick Chandler and Jeff Corey. … What county is hideout in?
Wasatch County Welcome – Town of Hideout, Wasatch County, UT.

How do you spell hide out?

or hide-out a safe place for hiding, especially from the law. When was the hideout built?

Many of the residences in the The Hideout neighborhood are established but not old, having been built between 1970 and 1999. A number of residences were also built between 1940 and 1969.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Will there be a hideout 2021?

Hideout Festival will no longer take place in 2021. The festival will return on 3rd – 7th July 2022, and all tickets will remain valid for next year’s edition. You can read the full statement from the festival by clicking here.

Where is the prepper stash go with the flow?

The stash is in the cavity right behind the waterfall. Avoid receiving fall damage by using the grappling hook on the nearby rock. The stash contains resources, ammo and perk points.

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How did hideout Utah get its name?

Lying just to the north and east of Jordanelle Reservoir along Utah State Route 248 (SR-248), the town was incorporated in 2008 under a short-lived state law. The population was 656 at the 2010 census. … Hideout, Utah.

Founded by Richard Sprung
Named for Hideout Canyon
• Total 4.06 sq mi (10.52 km2)

Is Heber part of Summit County?

Summit County is part of the Heber, UT Micropolitan Statistical Area, which is also included in the Salt Lake City-Provo-Orem, UT Combined Statistical Area.

Is Midway Utah in Summit County?

How do you use hideout in a sentence?

Hideous in a Sentence

  1. The con man flashed a hideous smile, giving us the chills.
  2. Gerald’s ugly pants are a hideous color of yellow.
  3. The scary creature made hideous croaking sounds, terrifying us all.
  4. Frank was hit in a hideous accident, requiring multiple operations.
  5. Maria’s outfit looked hideous, grossing us out.

What is the synonym of hide out?

blind. camouflage. cover. covering.

What is the antonym for lair?

The word lair typically refers to: – The home of a wild animal. – A private or secret place in which a person, especially a bad or criminal person, seeks refuge. There are no categorical antonyms for this word. … What is the opposite of lair?

open wild
wilderness outdoors
open air

Is The Hideout safe?

Excellent. There is virtually no crime in this area.

Is Lake Ariel considered the Poconos?

Eastern Pennsylvania’s Lake Ariel is surrounded by the gently rolling slopes of the Pocono Mountains. The area around the lake provides a wide range of things to do and see, and opportunities for outdoor recreation are particularly abundant.

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Is The Hideout Pa safe?

The Hideout property crime is 20.0. NOTE: The city of The Hideout, Pennsylvania does not have FBI Crime Statistics. The closest similar sized city with FBI crime data is the city of Hawley, Pennsylvania.

How old do you have to be to go to Hideout Festival?

18 How old do I have to be? The minimum age for festival attendees is 18.

What country is Hideout Festival?

Hideout Festival
Dates June — July
Location(s) Zrce, Pag island, Croatia
Years active 2011 – Present
Website http://www.hideoutfestival.com/

Where should I stay for Hideout Festival?

Our level 1 Novalja apartments are best for convenience, so if you want to be situated only a few hundred metres from the town and beach, this is for you! Novalja is the local town and is where you can find bars, restaurants, supermarkets and much more.

Where are the new Edeners bodies?

The corpse of the fourth Chosen Martyr can be found on the watchtower below. This structure is on the left side of the shack you have found earlier. It is quite easy to spot, and you’ll see the New Edener’s corpse from distance. Grab his body and throw him in the fire.

Where can I find Nick Rye?

Nick Rye can be found at the North East side of the map just a bit north and west of the Bowshaw Chateau. Once you arrive you’ll need to take out the enemies here first. There should only be about three in this area, once you’re done you can talk to Nick Rye about getting him out of here.

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How do you beat go with the flow?

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