What is an example of lament?

Lament is defined as to feel loss, sorrow or regret, often expressed in a physical way. An example of lament is to feel sad and cry at a funeral. … To regret deeply; deplore. He lamented his thoughtless acts. What is a word for lament?
Some common synonyms of lament are bemoan, bewail, and deplore. While all these words mean to express grief or sorrow for something, lament implies a profound or demonstrative expression of sorrow.

How do you use the word lament?

Lament sentence example

  1. I lament the passing of the 42-day rule. …
  2. His amiable disposition acquired him a large circle of friends, who deeply lament his death. …
  3. We were listening to the lament played by piper Rob Bell. …
  4. You always hear aspiring authors lament about finding the time to write.

What is biblical lament?
We grieve and cry out to God; we lament. As we lament individually and in community, let us be joined together through both our hope-filled expectations and our calls for God to act swiftly to bring forth God’s kingdom this day.

What does the Book of Lamentations teach us?

Let your mistakes, failures and even bad decisions teach you valuable lessons that will be beneficial in the future. In the book of Lamentations, there was so much more the Lord wanted to give the people and do in their lives, and they almost forfeited it because of careless and foolish choices. What does Lamentations stand for?

: an expression of sorrow, mourning, or regret : an act or instance of lamenting a song of lamentation … blending a lamentation over the effects of time with a kind of apologia for it.—

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do you remember the meaning of lament?

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for lament lame + end… sad that his life ended so lame. maybe we should sing a song to commemorate him.

What does a jeremiad mean?

: a prolonged lamentation or complaint also : a cautionary or angry harangue the warnings became jeremiads against the folly of overemphasis on science and technology at the expense of man’s subjective and emotional life — Ada Louise Huxtable.

What is the difference between lamenting and grieving?

As verbs the difference between lament and grieve is that lament is to express grief; to weep or wail; to mourn while grieve is to cause sorrow or distress to.

How does God respond to lament?

God does respond to the persistent cries for “help!” or “justice!” of those who are suffering or oppressed (Luke 18:1-6). … Prayer is directed to God in hopes that he would hear and respond. Bonhoeffer is wrong, however, when he disassociates lament from prayer.

Is lamenting the same as complaining?

How do you use blended in a sentence?

combined or mixed together so that the constituent parts are indistinguishable.

  1. Yes, I think they are blended together.
  2. Slowly add the flour, stirring until completely blended.
  3. He blended into the crowd.
  4. He blended in with the crowd at the art sale.
  5. The music of the violin blended sweetly with her voice.

What part of speech is lament?


part of speech: noun
related words: groan, moan, murmur, whine, yowl
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: laments, lamenting, lamented
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What is a lament poem examples?

Lament, a nonnarrative poem expressing deep grief or sorrow over a personal loss. Examples include Deor’s Lament, an early Anglo-Saxon poem, in which a minstrel regrets his change of status in relation to his patron, and the ancient Sumerian “Lament for the Destruction of Ur.” Compare complaint; elegy. …

Which Psalms are laments?

Using the Hebrew numbering system, the following are traditionally categorized as psalms of communal lament:

  • Psalm 44.
  • Psalm 60.
  • Psalm 74.
  • Psalm 79.
  • Psalm 80.
  • Psalm 85.
  • Psalm 86.
  • Psalm 90.

Who is known as the weeping prophet?

Known as “The Weeping Prophet,” Jeremiah was also a very important one, husbanding Israel and Judah through their long enslavement in Babylon and writing two of the Old Testament’s key books, Lamentations and the one carrying his name. … “Jeremiah was not well-received, but he was true to the word.

Who wrote lamentations?

prophet Jeremiah Traditionally attributed to the authorship of the prophet Jeremiah, Lamentations was more likely written for public rituals commemorating the destruction of the city of Jerusalem and its Temple.

Who is speaking in Lamentations 3?

This book contains the elegies of the prophet Jeremiah. In this chapter he refers to his own experience under affliction as an example as to how the people of Judah should behave under theirs, so as to have hope of a restoration.

Who destroyed Jerusalem in Lamentations?

Lamentations 1–2 Jeremiah laments the desolate state of Jerusalem following its destruction by the Babylonians. He acknowledges that Jerusalem was destroyed because the people rebelled against the commandments of the Lord.

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Did Jeremiah write lamentations?

To the rabbinic mind, Lamentations which was composed by Jeremiah in the wake of the destruction of 586 BCE, foretold events of the mid-fourth century BCE and of the late first century CE.

What word does lamentation correspond to 10?

Explanation: 1 : to mourn aloud : wail.

What is meant by evacuated *?

1 : to leave or cause to leave a place of danger Residents evacuated the burning building. 2 : to make empty : empty out. 3 : to discharge waste matter from the body.

What does layman’s terms mean?

: simple language that anyone can understand The process was explained to us in layman’s terms.

What does philippic mean in English?

: a discourse or declamation full of bitter condemnation : tirade.

What were the Puritan jeremiads?

Generally, the term jeremiad is applied to moralistic texts that denounce a society for its wickedness, and prophesy its downfall. The jeremiad was a favorite literary device of the Puritans, and was used in prominent early evangelical sermons like Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards.

What is extra Judicium?

extra judicium in English (Latin.) beyond the judicial field or scope.

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