Why Karnataka is famous?

Karnataka is primarily known for its Heritage destinations and its Wildlife/ National Parks. Apart from that, it is also famous for its magical hill stations, spectacular waterfalls, pilgrimage centres and a 320km long coastline dotted with un-spoilt beaches. Which language is spoken in Karnataka?
Kannada Kannada, the language used in Karnataka, is recognised by the Indian Constitution as one of the principal languages of the country. Kannada is the mother-tongue for the majority of the people in Karnataka.

What is very famous in Karnataka?

The state of Karnataka is one of the prominent tourism hubs in India. However, tourism is just one of the facets of Karnataka. Feel the caress of Mysore silk or the fragance of sandalwood, experience the living ruins of Hampi or just delight in the simple yet sophisticated wooden toys from Channapatna. What is special food in Karnataka?
18 Popular Karnataka Food Items You Have To Try

  • Bisi Bele Bhath – An All-In-One Dish. …
  • Dosas – The Perfect Comfort Food. …
  • Mysore Pak – A Delicious Sweet Treat. …
  • Maddur Vada – The Ideal Snack. …
  • Tatte Idli – A Popular Variant Of The Traditional Idli. …
  • Dharwad Peda – Wholesome Goodness. …
  • Jolada Rotti – A North Karnataka Specialty.

What is the nickname of Karnataka?


City/town Nickname
Bengaluru (Bengaluru) Silicon Valley of India Science City of India Garden City of India Capital of Karnataka
Kodagu Scotland of India
Mangaluru Rome of The East Ice Cream Capital of India Gateway of Karnataka
Mysuru Sandalwood City Cultural Capital of Karnataka

Which religion is more in Karnataka?

Hinduism is the largest religion in Karnataka, followed by Buddhism, Christianity, Jainism, Islam and Sikhism. According to the 2011 census, 84.00% of the state’s population practices Hinduism.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who wrote Kannada?

Kannada literature began with the Kavirajamarga of Nripatunga (9th century ce) and was followed by Pampa’s Bharata (941 ce). The earliest extant grammar is by Nagavarma and dates to the early 12th century; the grammar of Keshiraja (1260 ce) is still respected.

Which Indian state not touches to Karnataka?

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Karnataka, formerly (until 1973) Mysore, state of India, located on the western coast of the subcontinent. It is bounded by the states of Goa and Maharashtra to the north, Telangana to the east, Tamil Nadu to the southeast, and Kerala to the south and by the Arabian Sea to the west.

Which state is richest in India?


Rank State/Union Territory Nominal GDP ₹ lakh crore = INR trillions; USD billions
1 Maharashtra ₹26.61 lakh crore (US$370 billion)
2 Tamil Nadu ₹20.92 lakh crore (US$297 billion)
3 Uttar Pradesh ₹17.05 lakh crore (US$240 billion)
4 Gujarat ₹16.48 lakh crore (US$230 billion)

Which is the richest city in Karnataka?

Bengaluru List of cities

Rank (2011) City Population 2011
1 Bengaluru 8,495,492
2 Hubballi-Dharwad 943,788
3 Mysuru 920,550
4 Kalaburagi 543,147

Which is rich state in south India?

Which is the beautiful city in Karnataka?

Mysore. Mysore is a city entrenched in royal history and it is a popular tourist destination in Karnataka. The city is blessed with stunning temples and enthralling buildings and there is a lot of opportunity for sightseeing in Mysore.

Is Karnataka beautiful?

From ancient temples to diverse wildlife and vast farmlands to spectacular beaches, this state has them all. Karnataka is home to some of India’s finest tourist attractions like Hampi, Gokarna and the glorious Bandipur National Park. Its capital city Bangalore is the IT hub of the country.

Which is the safest city in Karnataka?

Five safest cities In Karnataka

  • Bangalore. Let’s begin with Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka and considered as safest city in Karnataka. …
  • Mangalore. Mangalore is the chief port city of India in Karnataka. …
  • Hubli. Hubli, also called as Hubballi is the city in north Karnataka. …
  • Mysore. …
  • Manipal.

Which is capital of Karnataka?

Bengaluru Executive Branch Karnataka / Capitals Bangalore, officially known as Bengaluru, is the Capital of the Indian State of Karnataka . It has a population of over ten million, making it a megacity and the Third populous City and 5th most populous urban agglomeration in India.

What is the sweet dish of Karnataka?

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Kunda sweet can be called as a twin of Dharwad Peda, only that it has a semi-liquid consistency. It is the indigenous sweet dish of Belgavi, the sugar bowl of Karnataka. Kunda also has a chocolatey flavour that melts in the mouth.

Which is the famous sweet in Karnataka?

One of the signature sweets of Karnataka, Mysore Pak is a delicious sweet popular all across India. Mysore Pak is easy to make and tasty to eat. Its texture is too soft and melts at the mouth due to the addition of ghee to gram flour and sugar.

Which city is called London of India?

Kolkata, Bengali Kalikata, formerly Calcutta, city, capital of West Bengal state, and former capital (1772–1911) of British India. It is one of India’s largest cities and one of its major ports.

Which city is known as city of God in India?

List of Nicknames of Indian Cities

Name of the City Nicknames State
Ahmedabad Boston of India Manchester of India Gujarat
Allahabad or Prayagraj Abode of the God City of Prime Ministers Sangam City Uttar Pradesh
Amritsar Golden City of India Punjab
Asansol Land of Black Diamond West Bengal

Which is the city of God in India?

Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, is an Indian city commonly known as the “Temple City of India“. The word Bhubaneswar means the ‘God’s World’ and the city exhibits temple architecture down the centuries.

How many Muslims live Karnataka?

The data for 2020 & 2021 is under process and will be updated in few weeks. Muslim Population in Karnataka is 78.93 Lakhs (12.92 percent) of total 6.11 Crore. Christian Population in Karnataka is 11.43 Lakhs (1.87 percent) of total 6.11 Crore. Muslims are minority in Karnataka state forming 12.92% of total population.

Which caste is highest in Karnataka?

Among major SCs, Banjara have the highest (88.9 per cent) rural population, followed by Holaya (82.0 per cent), Bhambi (80.7 per cent), Madiga (80.3 per cent), Adi Karnataka (76.2 per cent) and Bhovi (74.9 per cent).

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How many Muslims are there in Kannada?

Dakshina Kannada District Religion Census 2011

District Dakshina Kannada
Population 2,089,649
Hindu 67.18 %
Muslim 24.02 %
Christian 8.20 %

Is Kannada older than Telugu?

Kannada became a written language ahead of Telugu. Both Kannada and Telugu produced poetry during the eighth century. Full-fledged literary works in Kannada appeared in the ninth century, two centuries before they became available in Telugu.

Why is Kannada important?

It is the 27th most spoken language in the world with around 35 million speakers in the world. … Every country is known for its cultural heritage and language, and Kannada is one of the oldest languages of India is considered to be one of the most important languages in the country.

Is Kannada older than Tamil 2021?

Kannada is one of the Dravidian languages but is younger than Tamil. The oldest Kannada inscription was discovered at the small community of Halmidi and dates to about 450 ce. The Kannada script is closely related to the Telugu script; both emerged from an Old Kannarese ( Karnataka ) script.

What is Karnataka first name?

State of Mysore It was formed on 1 November 1956, with the passage of the States Reorganisation Act. Originally known as the State of Mysore /maɪˈsɔːr/, it was renamed Karnataka in 1973.

Why is Karnataka the best state?

Karnataka is also number one among all states in knowledge diffusion with a score of 67.06. … The higher innovation in Karnataka also leads to a higher competitiveness ranking for the state and innovation is also linked to higher per capita GDP, the Niti Aayog’s innovation index points out.

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